Bird’s Eye View (Animated Series)
Released (TVNZ)
Directors: Pete Circuitt, Jared Kahi
Writers: Nick Ward, Melanie Bracewell, Andrew Beattie, Te Waiarangi Ratana
In partnership with Studio Local

Moja Vesna (Feature)
Writer/Director: Sara Kern
In partnership with Cvinger Films

Datsun (Short)
Writer/Director: Mark Albiston
Where is Anne Frank? (Feature)
Director: Ari Folman
Co-produced with Bridgit Folman Film Gang and Samsa Film

The Defenders (Documentary Feature)
Released (Prime Video)
Director: Matt Bate
The Endangered Generation? (Documentary Feature)
Director: Celeste Geer
In partnership with Monash University

Prisoner X (Documentary Feature)
In Release
Directors: Amos Roberts and Hilla Medalia
In partnership with Medalia Productions
Taumanu (Anthology, Episode)
Released (TVNZ)
‘Beyond The Veil’
Writer/Director: Taratoa Stappard

Billy and the Kids (Documentary Feature)
Writer/Director: Mark Albiston
The Untold Tales of Tūteremoana (Series)
Released (Māori Television) 
Writer/Director: Hiona Henare
Left, Write, Hook (Documentary Feature)
For release in 2024
Director: Shannon Owen

Second to None (Documentary Series)
In Production
Director: Sonia Dauger
Floodland (Documentary Feature)
In Production
Writer/Director: Jordan Giusti